When your company needs to reach the citizens of Baltimore County:

The fastest way to reach your audience is to Celebrate Baltimore County with us. Our multi media format has every media and technology covered.

Print, Television, or any combination of either is available with packages tailored to fit every budget.

Print: Ask your Celebrate Baltimore County Sales Rep, To show examples of the ads we produce the quarterly, Celebrate Baltimore Newspaper.

Banner Ads:  Share your company with our entire viewer audience online. whether you want to buy a banner ad for the top or bottom of a page or an ad for the margin. Your ad is sure to be viewed by the crowds of Balimore County Residents who visit Celebrate Baltimore everyday.

Television Spots: Television used to be out of financial reach for small business is now extremely affordable. Instead of just a 30 sec spot, your video message can be one minute, a minute and a half or even two minutes. Show whats best about your company to the world.

Celebrate Baltimore County, Media Kit and Contract